PS Vita - Sony's Most Successful Hardware Launch Since The PS2 ?

Who can forget the PlayStation 3′s first couple of years? From weird ads, very few good games and an unaffordable price tag, Sony's successors to the PS2 got off to a disappointing start. Thanks to that bad experience Sony Computer Entertainment has learned from the mistakes of the past. This is evident with the successor to the company's first handheld. The launch of the PlayStation Vita is still a few months off but the system has already gained appeal from both developers and gamers.

Unlike the PS3 at launch, the Vita is an affordable machine for developers to work on out of the gate. Plus with a price beginning at $250 the Vita is poised as an attractive purchase for those looking for the perfect gift for friends and/or family this holiday.

Let's not forget that software for the system will be $20 less than PS3 games, while at the same time most titles for the Vita will look almost as good as those on the PS3.

In contrast to the PS3 numerous third party developers already have games in the works for the Vita and promise to support the new hardware from day one. Sega, Capcom, Namco, Konami, Activision, 2K Games are just a few third party developers currently working on new titles for the Vita with a good chance that many of these games will be out at the system's launch or within 6 months afterwards. It took some time before western developers began putting any effort into their PS3 games.

It also took a good couple of years before any decent games hit the PlayStation 3 that warranted a purchase of the expensive console, however, that won't be the case with the Vita. Popular games like Uncharted, Call of Duty, Bioshock, Little Big Planet and BlazBlue hitting the system at or around launch. The Vita also has a fair share of impressive new IPs coming soon for the system as well.

Barring any unforeseen problems or delays Sony's PlayStation Vita could be the company's most successful hardware launch since the PS2.

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