Dragon's Crown - Flexible Quest System

Instead of clearing stages, think of Dragon’s Crown as a game that’s broken into quests producer Kashow Oda explained to Dengeki PlayStation. Dungeons in Vanillaware’s beat ‘em up have multiple routes and you’ll have to follow specific paths to obtain items. The next time you visit the same area you may do different actions, which changes how the area feels.

Oda gave a specific example, at one point in the game you can steal an item from a boss monster. Steal the treasure and you’ll tick off the boss who will retaliate by chasing you through the stage – even into different dungeons. Oda says players have choices in the game like deciding to fight, run away, or to search for secrets within a stage. Altogether, Oda says the game has between 40-50 hours of play time.

You don’t have to complete quests alone, Dragon’s Crown has a multiplayer mode. Yes, it’s possible for everyone to be the sorceress. The game will display a players name and a color variation (red, green or pink were listed as examples) so you can differentiate who is who. Having an entire group of sorceresses turning enemies into frogs may not be the best strategy. To remedy this, Dragon’s Crown has items, equipment, and magic, which can compliment players. Oda hopes teams will discuss which party to use before tackling a quest. Fighters, for example, have high defense and can act as tanks by protecting the entire party. Dragon’s Crown has an in-game communication system too. Oda says, you can respond with "thank you", shown as a pop-up image in the game, after a fighter covers you from an attack. A single player game ends when you run out of lives.


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